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Development and Implementation of Crash Database Project

TIMCON and partners have been engaged by KeNHA & NTSA to provide Consultancy Services for the Development and Implementation of Road Crash Database System in Kenya. The project involves the development of a database at NTSA for storage and analysis of all road crash accident data, and a mobile application in tablets for usage by the National Police in the collection of data at accident sites. The Project commenced in 2021 and is ongoing.  The Project involves System Development and Deployment, Training and Capacity Building of Stakeholder staff from the National Police, KNTSA, KeNHA, KURA and KRB.

The design and installation of the Database system was completed in June 2021.  Pilot Implementation and testing of the system is completed and the Police are already using Mobile Application to transmit crash database directly to NTSA servers.

TIMCON has equally undertaken stakeholder training and capacity building covering staff from the National Police, NTSA, KeNHA, KURA, KeRRA and KRB.