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Establishment of Bus Rapid Transit Line 5, Nairobi

TIMCON was engaged by Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) to conduct traffic surveys, operations analysis, micro-simulation and demand forecasting modelling to support the detailed design of the BRT Line 5 in the Outer Ring Road Corridor in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Project involved:

  • Establishing existing characteristics through collection, review and analysis of traffic and travel data within the Study Area.
  • Undertaking micro-simulation modelling to provide future traffic demands and to determine future BRT and traffic operations along Outer Ring Road.
  • Undertaking BRT scenario analysis and assess impacts of the other BRT lines on the operational performance of the BRT Line 5 on Outer Ring Road.

In addition, TIMCON conducted demand forecasting modelling to provide:

  • Route Design and future BRT ridership along Outer Ring Road.
  • BRT System and the Corridor Capacity
  • Intersections and Integrations with other BRT lines

The Project will provide a service that reflects the current and future passenger flow in accordance with the cost while sustaining the function of Outer Ring Road as an expressway. It will provide a high-speed BRT system and express buses for connection to airport.