Transportation Planning

Transportation planning is concerned with applying the latest travel and land use principles to assess future travel demands and patterns and developing plans and policies to address them.

It has long been recognized that transportation needs cannot be addressed through a two pronged approach involving provision of adequate capacity while also managing the future travel demands. Provision of capacity often involves identifying network bottlenecks and eradicating them through widening or construction of new links and enhancing intersection capacities through various traffic engineering strategies.

On the other hand, measures aimed at controlling future demands include transportation planningimproved transit planning and better land use policies that encourage walking cycling and transit usage, and a host of other travel demand management strategies.

Comprehensive transportation planning strategies for urban areas and other jurisdictions often involve development of Transportation Master Plan, Secondary Plans and Network Needs Studies that address both capacity and demand management issues.

TIMCON undertakes transportation planning studies and provides the requisite modelling support to assess future travel demands and evaluate alternative network plans and demand management strategies.