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Traffic Engineering and Design

We undertake traffic operations analysis to support feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design and transportation planning studies. That includes capacity and level of service analysis for various transportation facilities including intersections and junctions, freeway elements including mid-link sections, interchanges, ramp and ramp terminals.

RHS service road

The services usually encompass:

  • Data collection including volume counts, travel time surveys, origin destination surveys and household surveys for planning purposes
  • Intersection operations assessment with traffic signals, roundabouts, yield conditions or stop signs and turning lane assessment to identify the need and lengths required for urban roadways, arterials and freeway ramp terminals
  • Link capacity assessment to verify adequacy of roadway number of lanes for freeways or urban streets given mid link accesses and other interruptions on those facilities.
  • Development of traffic management plans for neighbourhoods and congestion management strategies for both urban networks and highway systems
  • Development of construction staging plans and assessment to confirm their adequacy.traffic-signals
  • Undertaking and review of Traffic Impact Studies for proposed developments
  • Evaluation and design of signage, pavement markings and other roadway furniture for urban networks and freeway systems
  • Traffic signal justification and timing analysis to confirm the need and timing requirements including cycle times, splits and offsets

Our analysis typically involves operational analysis and transportation modelling.

Transportation Planning