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Thika Road

thika roadThika Road Operational and Safety Evaluation, Nairobi Kenya:

This study involved operational assessment and safety audit for this 40 km Highway extending from Nairobi to Thika with 19 interchanges and up to 12 lanes of traffic with four lane core and two way service roads in each direction. Construction is now complete, and the assessment was aimed at confirming the functionality of the road and identifying measures that should be implemented to improve operations and safety on the highway and interchange improvements.

thikaRdThe RSA considered roadway features including junction/interchange layouts, merges and diverges, median features and signage that have a potential to impact safety of all road way users including motorized traffic vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and other non-motorized vehicles. The Study identified components that needed modification including signage, weaving areas, junction/interchange configurations, auxiliary lane, lane/drops etc to improve safety of the highway and provide satisfactory operations in the future.

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